Trying Something New

If we're friends you know that I'm a bit of an unharnessed burst of energy charged on impulse. Also you know I'm compulsive about finding forgotten treasures- been this way since childhood. I love sharing what I find and finding new homes for things not ready for end of lifecycle. I might pretend like I'm upcycling or invested in sustainable solutions. But the drive for me is the finding.  If I dont share I acquire too much.  It's a natural part of the rescue process.

I'm starting this blog because recently I decided to try out eBid. Now this is new phase for me I have done Etsy I've done eBay and over the last year I tried to do my own online store to get away from some if the hoops I didn't care for with the other two sites.

Bottom line for me it's about time. I like to say, "I have more time than money and I'm always running out of time."  Because if I can't spend time finding things what's the point of the selling? This is a hobby I'm not profiting.  The selling helps pay for my hobby.  I work a full time job for goodness sake.  Don't give me hoops I have to pay to jump through and expect me to like it.
Let me explain why I think eBid is going to work for me. First of all I bought the Lifetime+ Membership. It was on sale at a pretty darn good price. It means that I will never have an insertion fee, nor a final sales fee of more than 2%. Along with the Lifetime+ Membership I get five stores. I love sorting things!  I have set up two of my stores already.  One is just a basic selling store- the other is an auction store. How fun is that?  I think auctions are fun.

EBid has been around since 1999. It's actually a United Kingdom version of eBay. Just not as well-known as eBay.  I dont mind Investing in the underdog. I'm excited to see how this goes!